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For a long time, I felt unwell and did not even realise it. And then I noticed that majority of us feel unwell a lot of the time and are so used to it that illness or discomfort has become our homeostasis. For me, it was a foreign concept to feel well as a normal state. I carried pain killers and anti-histamines around in my handbag and used them almost daily. Once I felt what vitality was really like, carrying round thee medicines every day feels so foreign to me and I realise that there are so many people still doing this and more just to get through the day. What if I told you that this is unnecessary?

The best way to feel well and to find out what the body needs is to detoxify the body, and most of the time this just means to quit putting toxins into the body and to let the body detoxify itself, because the body can do that. I did my first juice fast at around the age of 28 and it changed my life. Every time I take my body through a detox, further layers are healed, and I experience mental clarity and emotional stillness. Over the years I have tried and tested many detox programs and fads. Some really went well and others took me through the trenches. So through my experience and trials and errors, I have brought you some of the most gentle and effective ones. Though this can be challenging, because food is a source of life, but the benefits far outweigh the difficulties.


I feel that this is an essential part of healing and getting better. We tend to over eat or make unhealthy eating choices based on our emotional state; then the body stores these toxins along with the memories of those emotions. When we detoxify the body, the mind and emotions automatically benefit, and we are often shown further opportunities for growth and healing in these instances.

Please click the button below for access to the various detoxes available. Each of my detox programs includes 1:1 mentoring with me, a guide book, shopping list and recipes. If your detox needs are not in line with any of my programs and you would like a more tailored approach then please get in touch and we can work together for your best results.


7 Day Spring Cleanse

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7 Day Conscious Cleanse

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Amy is a beautiful special person with so much knowledge and passion for what she does!!! She provides a beautiful, sacred and safe space that allows you to be who you are to facilitate you on your healing journey! Being a holistic practitioner myself it is important that we too are healing and I highly recommend Amy.



Amy is incredibly talented at what she does. She has amazing insight and everything she does, is done with love and kindness.



Amy is extremely insightful and puts you at total ease when doing your readings. She explains each card in utmost detail for your particular question and is so patient.
Her very open and unbiased reading truly helped me make a big life decision and I am very grateful!

Note that these classes and advice are a guidance only, and are alternative methods of healing. They are not intended to replace any medical or psychological treatment and consulting your doctor is advised if you feel it necessary.