About Amy Anne

 Yoga (Yin & Hatha), Ayurveda Nutrition and Wellness for Every Body

Education and experience

Amy has a passion for Yoga and holistic health and wellness, her journey began when she started practicing yoga in 2010!

Here you will find all things Holistic Health and Wellness, a blend of all her training and experience brought together to bring you guidance for your specific solutions.

*Ashtanga/Hatha YTTC

*Ayurveda Nutrition



*Skincare & Body Therapy

*Transformational Life Coaching 

*Meditation Techniques



What is Yoga

Yoga means Unity. The practice of Yoga brings one into union with the seemingly opposites. Unity of body and mind. Unity of masculine and feminine. Unity of self and God. The practice of physical yoga brings strength and stretching to the body. And practising all 8 limbs of yoga brings unity into all areas of life.

Find classes available for free on my Youtube channel. Please contact me should you wish to book private online yoga classes.



Note that these classes and advice are a guidance only, and are alternative methods of healing. They are not intended to replace any medical or psychological treatment and consulting your doctor is advised if you feel it necessary.