Experiencing an Energy Healing session will be unique to each person and their needs. By connecting to your higher self for guidance and measuring your 7 main Chakra energy centres, I then draw from the variety of modalities and experience I have, when facilitating your energy healing. Depending on your specific needs an Energy Healing  Session can include chakra attuning and balancing, grounding and earthing, cord cutting, womb wakening, psychic surgery, aura cleansing, tracking emotions and deficiencies.

Energy Healing

90 Minute Session

Energy Healing

60 Minute Session

Energy Healing


Energy Healing


These sessions are available remotely online. In-person sessions are by special arrangement.

  • 90 minutes
  • 60 Minutes
  • Follow up: 45 minutes Healing:
    • valid for 1 month from the first appointment

Energy Healing Packages

If you are embarking on big change and need to process a lot then a package is a great way for you to achieve transformation, through healing and integration to help you get from point A to point B, whether it’s a healthier relationship, a new job, a change in business direction or a healthier lifestyle.

Habit Change Package

Book 2 x 90-minute sessions
Receive a complimentary 60-minute session or tarot reading.

Transformation Package

Book 4 x 90-minute sessions
Receive 5 treatments and a tarot reading.

Book a 15 Minute Clarity Call with Amy.

Book a complimentary 15 minute clarity call for to discuss any questions you may have, or create a customized solution that fits with you.

Note that these classes and advice are a guidance only, and are alternative methods of healing. They are not intended to replace any medical or psychological treatment and consulting your doctor is advised if you feel it necessary.