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Welcome! Amy Anne is a Medicine Woman, an Innovator and Entrepreneur who aims to work with you to heal yourself through her experience in holistic wellness.

I help busy women ‘use’ or ‘harness’ and integrate their cyclical energy to create balance between productivity, creativity and rest so they can thrive. 

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My Story

I was on the spiritual path and doing the work to heal my wounds to be better and live a happy life. And no matter how much work I did on myself, I would often get stuck in old patterns of over-giving and over doing and becoming depleted. Which then led me to retreat from the world for long periods of time in order to restore my energy. It was an unhealthy way to live and had ripple effects throughout my life, and my relationships suffered because it. I knew there was a better way so to change this I went on a journey with ancient modalities like Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki energy and Shamanism. This led me to feeling lighter, happier and more capable of taking on life’s challenges from a space of balance. As I started to see the women around me were functioning in the same way I used to, I realized I can help them. I can bring them the tools I use and offer these same results in a fraction of the time it took me.


fun facts about me

I am a visionary and naturally empathic, a solutions orientated person who thinks laterally and feels deeply. 

I am eclectic, drawing from a variety of modalities and experienced gained through the years, I find it easy to connect with most people and meet them where they are coming from.

I started my journey of healing in 2011 when I walked into my first Bikram yoga class and I fell in love with the benefits of practicing yoga, which far outweigh the physical aspects. From there my path to wellness led me to go in depth into learning about soul healing through energy medicine, natural wellness, and so much more which I now bring packaged and share with you to help you on your own path.

I have been teaching and training since 2004 and have always been passionate about helping people learn and grow.



Book a 15 Minute Clarity Call with Amy.

Book a complimentary 15 minute clarity call for to discuss any questions you may have, or create a customized solution that fits with you.



Amy is a beautiful special person with so much knowledge and passion for what she does!!! She provides a beautiful, sacred and safe space that allows you to be who you are to facilitate you on your healing journey! Being a holistic practitioner myself it is important that we too are healing and I highly recommend Amy.



Amy is incredibly talented at what she does. She has amazing insight and everything she does, is done with love and kindness.



Amy is extremely insightful and puts you at total ease when doing your readings. She explains each card in utmost detail for your particular question and is so patient.
Her very open and unbiased reading truly helped me make a big life decision and I am very grateful!



Amy has been an invaluable asset to my healing journey. She has helped me to find peace and calm. I have learnt so many life skills, strengthened my intuition, and gained clarity in all areas of my life.  Her caring and understanding approach, combined with her amazing intuition and energy healing, has helped me survive a very tough time, and now is helping me thrive! Thank you Amy!

Note that these classes and advice are a guidance only, and are alternative methods of healing. They are not intended to replace any medical or psychological treatment and consulting your doctor is advised if you feel it necessary.